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Each year, Heartland AV provides production services for numerous church and community events. Some require just a couple of speakers and a wireless microphone, while other clients need full audio, video, lighting, and staging production for a multi-day and multi-room event.
Heartland Audio/Visual enjoys partnering with companies and corporations that have unique needs and require a high standard of production. From stakeholder meetings and training events to product launches, our reliable team of professionals will be working for you around the clock to ensure your brand gets the look and attention it deserves.
Whether we are working with a local, state, or federal political candidate, the team at Heartland AV realizes the importance of putting 100% of the attention on the candidate and their position. Perhaps you only need a lectern, a microphone, speakers, and a black background for a town hall, or maybe you need us to supply the equipment for a live-streamed debate or convention—no matter what, we have you covered. Our audio equipment is capable of not only providing quality sound reinforcement for the attendees but also facilitating distribution to multiple news networks. Heartland AV can live-stream the event to multiple outlets, allowing you to reach an ever-growing online audience.
Many conferences and conventions consist of a general session with a tradeshow and breakout sessions. Our team will ensure the event has quality, immersive sessions that meet your specific needs. While Heartland AV is not a full-service provider of exposition services, we do work closely with quality teams such as Henry Helgerson Company and Fern Exposition for your tradeshow needs. With any of these partners, Heartland AV can provide seamless conference and convention services.
It has never been more important for people to record their child’s performance or even stream it online for the grandparents in another state. The team at Heartland AV has a fully outfitted production trailer capable of providing multi-camera, live-streamed video production and record the performance on high-definition media for future distribution. Every event has its own specific requirements, so our team will work closely with the producer to design a custom solution. We can even handle postproduction and duplication of media after the event. Visit our Rental page for more information on renting additional audio/video equipment for your performance space.
According to Wikipedia, in 2001 there were over 37,000 high schools in the United States. Much like a child’s musical performance, archiving a graduation or awards ceremony is invaluable. Families are distributed across the country, and it’s a great feeling to “be there” even if you cannot be there in person. That is why we encourage our customers to not only provide quality audio/video for the graduation attendees but also live-stream it online for all family members and friends to attend. The same should be considered for sports events. Hire Heartland AV’s team of talented video technicians for your next school event! advises small non-profit organizations to consider saving both time and money by investing in a video rather than a speaker. Playing a video will also ensure the event sticks to the schedule and honors the attendees’ attention span and time. For this reason, Heartland AV can provide one or more large projection screens to not only show the video but also display photos and other information about the non-profit while attendees mingle and dine. Couple this with some ambient LED up-lighting and your fundraiser will be a night to remember.
FestivalNet advertised over 650 events with musical entertainment in Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, and Oklahoma annually. Heartland Audio/Visual’s team has been supporting several festivals and events in this region for years. For some clients, we provide live sound reinforcement for a few community bands performing in a gazebo on a Saturday afternoon. For others, we provide full stage, sound, and lighting over multiple days. Whatever your needs are, Heartland AV has the equipment and expertise to make your event a success.